AN35S Monday Sept. 9

Links and info from today’s class

Finish up PowToons & display/discuss
Post on Mr. Robson’s site
Comment on each other’s
Respond to comments

Some inspiration:

Flash Interface Overview:

Cmd + N = new
Cmd + S = save
Cmd + plus = zoom in
Cmd + minus = zoom out
Click & drag = zoom to chosen area
Cmd + 1 = zoom to 100%
Cmd + 2 = zoom to 200%
and so on

Space + click & drag = hand tool

Screenshot_2013-09-02_6_39_PM Screenshot_2013-09-02_6_37_PM Screenshot_2013-09-02_6_43_PM-3 Screenshot_2013-09-02_3_56_PM Screenshot_2013-09-02_10_00_PM
Exercise 1:
Create a file that is ActionScript 3.0 format.
Make it 640 x 480
Change the frame rate to 20 frames per second
Make the background red
Draw a rectangle that is green
Draw a circle that is blue
Save the file with lastnamefirstinitial_ex1
eg: robsonj_ex1

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