705 English Language Arts

In Grade 7, students will continue to build their language skills through a variety of texts and writing exercises.

You can find our regular posts/lesson information HERE (Assignments below are linked to one specific post, but more information may be contained in other posts)

Course Outline


Subject/Verb exercise

Fragment/Run On Exercise

Hero Biography

Story Introduction (based on The Hero’s Journey)

Perfect Paragraphs 1

Perfect Paragraphs x3

War Words (poetry reflection)

Great Mysteries Project (due Nov. 22)

Underground to Canada: (read the book here, listen here)

Chapter 3/4

Chapter 7/8/9 (same assignment as 5/6, except you don’t have to compare/contrast plantations)

Chapter 10/11 questions

Chapter 14 – slave code

Chapter 14/15 – Jeb Brown’s cabin drawing

Freeze Frame

Character Essay

Figurative Language in Song Lyrics PowerPoint

Podcast episode 3

Rhyme Rehab exercises

Podcast Episode 4

Figurative Language Song Writing

Band Biography