2D Animation & 3D Modelling 35S (S2 2017)

This will introduce students to 3-D modelling and 2-D Animation. Students will learn to use Adobe Animate to create 2 dimensional animations. The second portion will teach students how to build 3-D models using Maya. Projects produced may include:

– Basic Tweening
– Motion Path Animation
– Shape Tweening
– Working with movie clip symbols

– Basic Action Script features – Animated Music Videos
– Animated Greeting Cards
– Animated Short Stories
& more!

course outline


History of Animation video

Drawing Tools Demonstration

Motion & shape tweens using graphic and movie symbols

Animated Greeting Card

Character Dialogue

Action Script Project (based on, but not exactly like this and this)

Summative animation project (Major – combines all of the above into one amazing project!)

3D Modelling Intro/Tinkercad Model