Composition Assignment 1 – Elements of Composition Research Project

For this assignment you will research and develop a lesson for one of the Elements of Composition listed below. We need to have each of the concepts covered below, so you need to pick your topic and let me know what it is before someone else does!

  • Simplicity
  • Leading and Disappearing Lines (Aidan)
  • Filling Your Frame
  • Framing Your Subject (Noah)
  • Symmetry (Rhonje)
  • Perspective /Viewpoint (Persia)
  • Movement into the Frame
  • Reflections (Mahdi)
  • Rule of Thirds (Sadie)
  • Background (Janssen)
  • Depth
  • Patterns (Devon)

Follow these steps for each element of composition:

1) Research your chosen element of composition. A good place to start would be with a simple web search, using keywords such as “photography”, “composition” and the name of your element, i.e. “simplicity”

2) Decide how you are going to collect/display your information (what are you going to make to hand in and show the class?) (Bonus points if you don’t choose the obvious one, which will probably be the first thing that comes to mind…)

3) Find a source of information online.  Copy and paste a link to that source into your chosen project.

****Note: Do not copy and paste information! You are to write the information you find in your own words that you can easliy read and explain. This is very important because you will be required to explain these things or provide something that will explain these things to the class. Changing one or two words is NOT WRITING IT YOURSELF! That’s a little thing we like to call PLAGIARISM, and it’s BAD!!!

4) You must find at least 3 sources of information. (keep in mind, not all sources are on the Internet…) Each piece of information you find must be followed by the URL (website address) and/or title where you found that information.

5) Use Flickr (or a similar photo sharing site) to find 4 photos online that represent your chosen element of composition. Again, you must have links to all of the photos you choose.

6) Beside each of the 4 photos, write a brief paragraph explaining how the photo represents your element of composition. Make sure that you point out the relevant parts/items in/of the photo. (You could put arrows & captions on top to help illustrate.)

7) You need to take at least 3 photos of your own which represent your chosen element of composition.

8) Finally, teach one of your elements of composition to the rest of the class. It is important that you do a good job because the class will be depending on you for their learning.

Please communicate with me throughout the process of researching and putting this together. I want to make sure that you’re using good sources, explaining yourself well, and doing a good job of this.


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