Logo Revisions

Sometimes, especially when designing for someone else, your work doesn’t come out perfect the first time and it requires some revision in order to come up with a satisfactory final design.

We’ll practice this by reworking/redesigning the logos that you submitted previously.

You’ve been given the opportunity to comment on each other’s work. Sometimes this feedback is helpful and sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it’s productive and sometimes it’s not. You might not agree with the things that people say about your work. They might not even like it. Your job as a designer is to consider the feedback and figure out what you could do to make your work better.

Your job is to take your original logo and make significant changes that will make it better. You will get marked on how much it changes for the better, so if all you do is correct a spelling mistake or something quick & easy, you won’t get a good mark.

You may love your original design and think that it’s great the way it is. You might be right about that, but you should also consider what it might look like with some revision.

You will submit a new, revised version of your logo as well as a reflection explaining how the feedback helped, what you changed, and what effect the changes had.



Initial designs:




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