Lincoln Lawn Sign

The folks at Lincoln Middle School have asked for some help designing a lawn sign to be used on a parade float.

Here’s the information I got:

A staff member at our school is part of an organization called “Never Alone.” They spread gifts and joy to folks with cancer. Each year they participate in a parade and use a sled from Lincoln drama dept.

This year, a group of students with special needs helped to paint and fix up the sled and we were hoping to give them credit.

We’re looking for one of those lawn signs like the high schools send out for grads.

The message could read:

Sponsored by “Lincoln Middle School’s Elves”.

The sign should also include the Lion logo. (DOWNLOAD THAT HERE)


A typical lawn sign is about 24 inches wide by 18 inches high, so work from a file with those dimensions. We’ll have to print a sticker and put that on a piece of plastic. This could be printed or cut out of vinyl.


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