First Ideas

Yesterday I asked you to come up with something that would effectively communicate the process that you think a designer had to go through in order to create something. You chose an item and thought about what went through the designer’s mind  and what kind of steps might have been followed to bring that item to completion and ready to share with the world.

If you gave it enough thought, you probably even started on some method of sharing that knowledge with the class.

But your first idea/instinct isn’t always the best! Often it can be, but whether it is or not, there is value in trying something another way as well, so that you can really assess which idea is better.

As with many of the things that we create this semester, you will come up with AT LEAST 2 different versions of your information and decide which one is better at getting your point across best. Think of different ways of doing this assignment. Look around at what other people are doing. Ask other people for ideas. Do a little research perhaps.

Then, try again a different way! Take what you might have done and try to make it better by doing it a different way.

Remember that part of your assignment is to track your own process as well, so this (as well as the different versions of whatever you create) should be part of your process/plan!

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