706 Coding

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If you prefer to pick your own path, go here: https://code.org/student/middle-high

Many more cool options here (Minecraft, Star Wars, sports, Flappy Bird, etc.) https://hourofcode.com/ca/learn

OR you can try it out at Code Combat (a bit more challenging): https://codecombat.com/students?_cc=FireSideDust

OR you can try it out at CodeHS (a bit more challenging): https://codehs.com/go/FA299

You may also like:

Coding with Grasshopper: A great program available in browsers or as a free app on iOS and Android.

If you have a computer with a keyboard, please spend some time learning to type!

Typing Club – learn how to type with guided lessons. Very valuable practice. Unfortunately only really useful on a computer/laptop keyboard. Sign-in is the SAME as your computer user name and password! All students are registered already and simply need to sign in.


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