News Report

Your next assignment is to write and produce a news report that is 30-60 seconds or so long. Your video can be real news or satirical. You don’t have to star in your video, so if you’re shy, you can write it and get someone else to appear on screen. You DO NOT have to show your video to the class (although I sure hope that lots of you do!)

As with every other video, this one needs a detailed script/storyboard BEFORE you shoot anything! If your video is fictional, it’s obviously easy to plan out every part. If you are doing a real news story, you’ll still need to plan out the kinds of shots and locations that you’ll need to include, but some of your video will depend on your interview.

Each video needs:

  • A reporter “standup” where the reporter stands on location and gives a brief summary of the event/topic before going into detail with visuals and interview footage.
  • You may wish to interview someone about the event/topic (someone involved or affected by the event you are covering)
  • You will need footage appropriate to the event/topic
  • The ending of the video is usually just a voice over, but you can record another “standup” for the end if you wish. The ending contains a “sign off” at the end. e.g. “This is Clark Kent reporting from Metropolis City Hall.”

Be creative and have fun! Good planning makes for a good video, so take your time and make sure that it makes sense and will look good!

For this, you may want to try out the green screen, perhaps. It doesn’t always give great results, but can help you make it look like you’re live on location somewhere.

You may need to download images and video clips. These NEED to be HIGH QUALITY and preferably legal for us to use. Go to my Links page and look for Copyright Free Content. These are great sources for content for your video.

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