Maya Assignment

Since time is running short, and since I really want to see what you can do with this amazing program, I want to leave the end result somewhat up to you. There are a variety of tools available for building, crafting, smoothing, and texturing models in Maya. You won’t have time to become a Maya master before the end of the semester, but I encourage you to come back during second semester or download Maya on your home computer (if you have a new/fast enough computer) and practice more with it. Maya does so much more than just modelling, you can get into creating really neat animations with your models when you’re done. This is a high priced professional program, so it can do almost anything!

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 8.42.48 PMYour job is simple – create a realistic, appealing, interesting model. You’ll have to use the tools available to build it well, and then take the time to colour it and texture it so that the end result looks like a real item. Use the tutorials in the Robson213Files folder or online as provided in the Maya introduction post, and see what your skills and imagination can come up with!

Check out some samples of models that other students just like you have made!

Hopefully it goes without saying that I want you to take your time and do a great job on this one. You really need to spend time learning the program before you can adequately show what it can do, so don’t be afraid of doing some practicing & learning first!

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