Flash Drawing Tools

As we start to do more animation, you’ll have to create more of your own elements and scenes. We will look at some more of the drawing tools which will make our artwork look a little better. Using some of these tools will help you to create more interesting images and will save you a LOT of freehand drawing.

Watch the tutorial video “drawingtools.mov” this will go over the tools listed below, and more. 

To show off your abilities, please create a new flash file. You will need to fit a few things on your stage, so make your stage at least twice as big as the default size (that’s your bonus math question of the day.)

Using different colours and sizes, draw the following:

Dotted/Dashed line
perfect circle
straightened line
modified brush ( change the brush width, angle, pressure, etc.
rounded rectangle
Simple shapes (ones where the stroke and fill break apart)
Object drawing
Modified shape (eg: take a rectangle and stretch out parts)
gradient fills

Save this masterpiece into your Drive or DropBox folder with your last name and drawing tools, for me to look at.

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