Flash Assignment 1

Now that you have used some of the basic tools in Flash, it’s your turn to create your own animation. Here’s what you’ll need to do/include:

Make it action script 3. The size is up to you. Make sure it’s saved in the right location with the right name.

Use some of the basic drawing shapes & tools to draw objects that you can animate. Try to make this one make sense (ie, there’s some sort of story or logic to it.)

You may also import objects to use. I’ve given you a file called LibraryAssets.fla, which you can use to copy items from that library, into your project’s library.

Add motion tweens. Include at least 3 different kinds of motions (eg: alpha, ease, rotate, modified path, etc.)

In order to do all of that, you’ll need to extend your timeline. Make it a MINIMUM of 10 seconds, but the more you’ve got going on, the longer it will need to be.

Use the same action scripts that we used in exercise 2, so that your animation doesn’t loop, but does have a replay button (remember to call it replay_btn)

Publish your flash to a .swf, so you can show this off to people who don’t necessarily have access to Flash professional. Put the file in your DropBox or Drive folder. When it’s DONE, drop it into the folder that you’ve shared with me. Once it’s in there, SHARE a link to your .swf file, and paste that into a comment below this post.

This time you’re getting marked on a few things:

You need to know and demonstrate how to use Flash properly (/20)
You need to design something that’s appealing and makes sense (/10)
You need to try to solve problems and think for yourself, or look for answers somewhere other than from Mr. Robson. (/5)

Take your time and do a good job!


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