If You Got a Problem, Yo, We’ll Solve It! (PSA)

Being a teenager is tough. There are all kinds of issues and problems that you can/do face. Today we want to look at some of those and see if we can come up with some potential solutions and share those solutions with others who might run into the same things.

Step 1: Identify a problem. What bugs you? What dangers do you face? What’s something you have trouble with? What do you need to be aware of? What could you do better for yourself or others?

Here is the list of issues that we came up with as a class. Feel free to choose one of these.

Step 2: Define/describe the problem. Tell us more about the problem/issue/concern.

Step 3: Get informed. Do some research. Find out some statistics or look for stories related to your topic.

Step 4: Help! Where should someone go for more information or for help with the problem? Find an organization or figure out who someone should talk to if facing an issue like the one you’re describing.

Step 5: Communicate! How are you going to reach people with this new insight of yours? My suggestions would be to create a video PSA or a detailed poster (Photoshop works great, but you can go the markers and paper route if you wish.) If you have a different idea, I’d LOVE to hear it!

For some projects (especially a video), you may require a bit of assistance, so the planning and shooting could be done collaboratively with a small and select number of collaborators, but you will ALL NEED TO HAND IN YOUR OWN COMPLETED VERSION! (ie you could plan and shoot a video together, but everyone must edit and hand in a copy. If working with others, you NEED TO SPLIT UP THE WORK AND LET ME KNOW WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT!)

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