English 10 (S2 2015)

This is an integrated, theme-based course designed to provide students with a solid foundation of literacy skills, knowledge, and learning strategies. The course emphasizes reading comprehension, personal and critical response, and interpretation of a variety of text forms. Students also learn to collect, organize, and synthesize information through research and inquiry processes.

In the 10F course, students express their ideas using the six English language arts of reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and representing. Particular emphasis is placed on written communication, including exploration, examination, and analysis of the structure of sentences, paragraphs, essays, and longer fiction and non-fiction text.

Course Outline: EN10_outline


Autobiography (of sorts) (due Feb. 9)

People who Make a Difference
 – & Writing Reflection (due Feb. 12?)

Charles (short story) (Feb. 17)

Charles relationships OR Charles_Extension (you can do both for bonus marks or to see which you do better on, but only 1 is required)

Identity poems

Roaring 20s Letter (March 9)

Dirty 30s Diary

Of Mice & Men (Resources)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2 – First Impressions

Chapter 2

Video Diary

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Practice Essay (May 20)

Of Mice & Men Essay (IMPORTANT)

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